Tips For Spring Cleaning and Try a Spring Floral Arrangement

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Tips For Spring Cleaning and Try a Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring Cleaning Ideas and a Spring Floral Arrangement

Yes that time of the year has finally come to get rid of the junk dust and grime that tends to build up over winter (think about a silk orchids arrangement
and look out your spring floral arrangement. It does not have to be a scary job and here are some tips.

spring silk floral arrangements

Have ceiling fans in the bedrooms? Then dust that before you change the bed and start dusting elsewhere – The hint is start high, work your way down.

Have a dirty microwave? Think of those spills from winter soups and such that are often baked on – well get a bowl, add water and lemon juice – put in the microwave on high for a few minutes. You will then be able to just wipe the microwave as everything will be loosened.

Now it is time for the fridge – first step is to simply take everything out. Through out anything time expired, and wipe down and spills. Then buy a box of baking soda, open and leave in the fridge – it will get rid of any smells.

On to the bathroom – through out and toiletries that are no longer used or expired medicines, also replace the cleaning brushes clothes (aim for every three months to do that).

Check your tables and other surfaces for clutter – it is amazing how it builds up. Then (sorry I have to suggest it), add a pretty Silk Floral Arrangements – any other suggestions?

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