Where to Put Your Artificial Flower Displays

large floral arrangement

Where to Put Your Artificial Flower Displays

Artificial Flower Displays – Lots of Places!

Artificial Flower Displays – there are several obvious places to put your artificial flower arrays. Just in case you missed some that help your house become a home – and don’t need watering, artificial light or special temperatures – here is my list

1) Your kitchen. There might not be alot of space but that is ok – faux flowers come in all sorts of sizes and shapes to fit your footprint and color scheme.

artificial flower display
2) In your hallway – often a forgotten area but where do you go when you first arrive home? Some bright colors in an accent piece.
3) At your front door. Not often thought of unless at say Xmas or Thanks Giving, potted artificial plants and more. All realistic and no watering or deadheading required.

4) Your bathroom – as we all spend a fair bit of time there – why not? Once again as space is often limited, something slim like an orchid makes sense.

5) The conservatory should you be lucky enough to have one. Temperatures that are required often preclude a large range of plants and flowers.
6) Your bedroom – fresh artificial silk flowers on a bedside table will look great. No pollen or depletion of oxygen to worry about!

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