Winter Decorating Tips

winter silk flowers

Winter Decorating Tips

Some Winter Decorating Tips

Winter Decorating Tips – here we go with some winter decorating ideas 1) rearrange your furniture so it is closer to your fireplace. Add those pillows and throws for more coziness.

2) Think bright colors to brighten up the dark days. Once again throws, pillow and more.

silk flowers for decorating

3) Try to increase the natural light – using big mirrors opposite windows to reflect the light works well.

If you are starting to get a bit stir crazy, how about some decorating. However be very careful with painting – ventilation is super important and if the weather is nasty opening windows and doors can be tricky! Updating your walls with bright colors via say diy artwork can give a lift to a room – can also be a great family activity.

Naturally I will now mention silk flowers and plants Winter Silk Flower Arrangements – they are brightly colored and green at a time when both are in short supply. You can also go for white plants for that wintry look.

Cut some fresh pine branches (small!) with pine needles into vases – the smell is wonderful and by a window you now have a small forest!

Anyway there are a few ideas, got and more – just post them here so we can share!

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